BGE Pure charcoal, 9kg



BGE Pure charcoal


With Big Green Egg Pure Charcoal, Big Green Egg is becoming even greener. This revolutionary new charcoal is a pure product of extremely high quality. Thanks to a unique process during the carbonisation of wood into charcoal, Pure Charcoal has a high percentage of carbon while also being low fine dust and practically smoke-free. Practically, because some smoke may be generated by firelighters, fat from meat or fish, or a piece of charcoal that has not been 100% charred during the production process. Big Green Egg Pure Charcoal is one of the highest quality and sustainable charcoals available. Especially for the demanding and environmentally conscious user.


Cena: 45.00 €

Pure Charcoal is made up of a mix of sustainably produced FSC®-certified European oak, beech and hornbeam. Especially for the demanding and environmentally conscious user. Beech wood is a softer species and ignites quickly. Oak and hornbeam are harder types of wood, but also remains long-lasting and stable.


Due to its high quality, Big Green Egg Pure Charcoal has a very neutral taste. Want to create a smokey touch to your dishes? Then add some Wood Chips or Wood Chunks to the charcoal.




Material: FSC® certified European oak, beech and hornbeam wood
Weight (kg): 9






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