BGE Ceramic poultry roaster



BGE Ceramic poultry roaster


This turns a tasty chicken into an absolutely delicious chicken. Place a whole chicken or turkey on the Ceramic Poultry Roaster and it will obtain a crispy and golden brown skin on the outside, while becoming delightfully juicy on the inside. Would you like to add an extra touch of flavour? Fill the ceramic holder with some beer, wine, cider and/or spices. The result? Sheer perfection. The Poultry is available for chicken (Chicken Roaster) or turkey (Turkey Roaster).


By adding some drink to the Ceramic Poultry Roaster, the chicken will become permeated with the flavour of beer, wine or even liqueur making it taste even better. The Chicken Roaster fits in the models Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and 2XL and the Turkey Roaster in the models Medium, Large, XLarge and 2XL.


Cena: 29.00 €






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